Friday, December 2, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. Production at PV-G Mucus Factory is exceptionally high right now. Not with my own kids (knock wood) but my two 2-year-old daycare kids are featured performers at Cirque de Booger Extraordinaire. I am not easily grossed out by bodily fluids like this, but it does get old wiping noses again and again and again. I'm sure it won't last... only through May or so. Sigghhhh....
If only they were capable of blowing their OWN noses. This skill is elusive up to age 17, as far as I can tell.

2. There is a fugitive on the loose in our county. He crawled over the razor wire at the county lock up during recreation time. Apparently he used clothing to help protect himself but it appears he was cut up pretty well anyway. This all happened late yesterday afternoon while the elementary schools in the area were being let out. All the traffic on nearby roads was stopped and cars were inspected thoroughly. So far they haven't found the guy. I have been living in a small state/small town for a long time now so this is VERY big news.... But I have a feeling it would be kind of big news any place. I don't know what the plans are at the schools in the area for today. They may put the kids on lock down... they may not. I tend to think the danger to the kids is minimal at this point but I just don't know where the Perceived Danger-o-Meter Needle needs to fall for the District to make that kind of call. It will be interesting to find out later today what they decided. (Late edition update: They think he may be connected to a stolen vehicle report in the area. Good guess!)
Is it wrong the most surprising thing I found in the case is that he was reported to weigh 135 pounds? I know you can't see his whole body, but this is not a lightweight we are looking at!

3. Tomorrow is my Mom's 69th birthday. That's just nuts. As you may know from my original Marvy Mom Monday posts, she is simply the best person I know. Even at the height of my adolescent tantrums against her, I knew she was the greatest mom going. So, having raised Rebecca, Heather, Bill, Jon, Heidi, Phoebe, Kwasi & Yaw... and having had a very large impact on the upbringing of her grandchildren (David, Kate, Emily, Jacob, Tyray, Abby, Annie, Sophie, Tyra, Jonny, Asia, Tessa, Tommy, Calvin, Elliott, Zyir, Mia, Baby Boy Giessler, and Baby ? VanScoy)... and welcoming so very many nieces and nephews and cousins and friends into her home for occasions joyous and heart-wrenching... and having done all of that almost always with a smile on her face... she sure deserves an amazing birthday! If only I had the resources to give her the kind of gift she deserves. (Full time masseuse? Permanent house cleaner? Beaming technology so she could get from grandchild to grandchild without all that pesky travel? A few weeks in Hawaii?... )
Who Could Ask for Anything More?

4. December 1st  marks the start of the Christmas Elf season at our house. This tradition was begun  by Mom in 1967 (Rebecca's first Christmas with my parents).. Told ya she was Marvy! The Elf arrives on the morning of December 1st and gives out small toys and treats to good girls & boys. This fella is Santa's Helper and reports back to the North Pole how things are going. This is a very powerful parenting tool that has stood the test of time! UNFORTUNATELY... our Elf is MIA. I cannot find him for the LIFE of me. So, we have a fill-in (Gus) who brought the boys a couple of things. The Elf was kind enough to send a note explaining that was was "stuck at the North Pole" but would be here soon. I'm hoping he appears in the next couple of days - or I'm going to have to buy ask Santa for a new one.
This is the "Elf on a Shelf", but he looks JUST like the original one my mom had in 1967. Just a little less "loved".

5. It's not for me, obviously, but if any of my readers are living in the 603, smart, funny, active, single men about age 50, give me a shout. Have I got a lady for you! She's BACK and she's ready for you.

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