Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Running While Pregnant: Week 14

FIRST: KATHLEEN'S pathology report came back showing NO CANCER! Most excellent news for my most excellent friend!

Tuesday: Chickened out of running after horrible headache Monday night. Considered trying to to elliptical but laziness won. Ate like crap all day. Tons of energy in P.M. Oh, the irony.

Wednesday: Eager to get up and go! Four hilly miles. Legs were "colt-like" and wobbly. Lungs felt tight post-run. HORRIBLY exhausted all day.

Thursday: Slept till 6AM (translated: LATE). Squeezed in 30 minutes on the elliptical while kids were napping. Lowest setting for 1 minute, increasing resistance one step for each minute till 5:00, then backward 1 minute, and down the resistance 1 step at a time for 1:00 each. Shakey legs afterward but NOT exhausted in the PM.

Friday: Took boys to the end of Scott's play rehearsal at 5:30PM so I could do 30 minutes in town. Felt "fast" and hard. Very long hill back up to the school. Good energy all (busy busy) evening.

Saturday: Ran 5 very hilly miles from Wolfeboro to home at 1:30PM. Took about 48 minutes (including 2 walk breaks to make and return semi-urgent cell phone calls). HOT (relatively) day but felt like a real runner. Normal tired in PM but not exhausted.

Sunday: No run but walked the parade route with the theater float.

Monday: Columbus Day. Scott had to work but the boys and I were off. Went to the track at 10:45. Did 3 miles in 25:46... Was hoping I could manage under 30:00 so pretty pleased. (The added speed was probably due to worrying whether to boys were behaving appropriately on the playground as I ran. I could see them, kind of, but not for the whole trek around the track!)

Conclusions: SO pleased with my workouts this week. BUT... Early morning running seems to be very tough on me. The run itself isn't bad but it makes the afternoon and evening very challenging. Running later in the day doesn't have the same negative effect on my energy level. This is VERY bad news for me since scheduling runs later in the day takes an Act of Congress. We are also in Tech Week for "Little Shop of Horrors" right now which means I'll be at rehearsal late each night this week. Not sure how it's all going to work out for the next couple of weeks. Siiiggghhh. Planning on doing a local 5K on Saturday. Haven't done one of those (without a baby jogger) since I was 18! Gonna sweep the Second Trimester Division.

In other Knocked Up News, sometime in the last 4 or 5 days, my belly really popped out. Enjoy the not very flattering, not very well conceived photos of me post-run yesterday... taken by a 5- and 7-year-old so whatchagonnado?

Whoop, there it is!

Arty? Or just no flash?


  1. You look GREAT!!!! I'm going with Arty....your workouts sound like crazy work to me....and remember, whatever workouts I'm doing have your name attached to them along with Dede's!!!!! I love the belly pop!!!! xoxo

  2. Your boys must be beyond excited. There's no hiding that sweet thing on your pretty frame!

  3. Oh you look SO adorable! I can't wait to see more extendo-belly pix! xoxo