Friday, October 7, 2011

Five Things Friday: One Thing Edition

1. Kathleen (of Marvy Mom Monday fame) came through surgery beautifully but is now suffering from rapid heart rate, low urine output, fainting, and general badstuffness. The medical team is the best but there's still no firm idea of what's causing the problem. So, today's Five Things Friday is just going to be one thing: positive energy, prayers and healing to Kathleen... and continued strength and courage and hope to the people who love her.

If it helps you feel more stable, here's the other Four Things:

2. Kathleen & her people. (Such as her brother, Al & her daughter, Jeanne...)

3. Kathleen & her people. (Such as Mary Williams who is the Lead Care Taker of Jeanne right now...)

4. Kathleen & her people. (Such as Diane Booty and Laura Bennett and Lisa Lorch and Wendy Taylor and countless others who are coordinating transportation/amusement/distraction for Jeanne.

5. Kathleen & her people. (Such as her medical team).

Things were looking great 24 hours after surgery.
P.S. Today is my sister Heather's birthday and this was supposed to be Five Things Friday: Heather Gullo Edition. But, she just got promoted to Marvy Mom Monday status so you can all focus on Kathleen.

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