Friday, October 28, 2011

Five Things Friday: In pictures

These wacky sock hoppers ( parents) are coming to our house for the weekend! They are THEE greatest and it's always a treat when we can be together. I'm very excited to see them.

This tattoo is on one of Scott's former students. Weird post, right? No. She portrayed my cousin, Polly, in the play we wrote last year. The theme of the show (and of Polly's real life, I'd say) was "You Are My Sunshine". Briana wrote: "For Polly, my sunshine through the dark dark." This show (and Polly) touched countless lives. Here's a link to the YouTube video of the show.
Another weekend of Little Shop performances. If you are close to the 603 area code, you ought to check it out!
Maybe you've already seen some of these on Facebook. They are wrong and wonderful all in one unsettling, hilarious, beautiful moment.

Here's a little tour through Main Street in Wolfeboro. Completely not planned by me, but Tommy recorded it as we were going to pick up Scott. Enjoy  a brief look at "America's Oldest Summer Resort".

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  1. Tommy, thanks for the tour! It was very nice!!!!!!