Thursday, September 29, 2011

Totally On Purpose: Two for One

I'm working on catching things up from the earliest weeks in this pregnancy to "real-time". So, today you can read about the Love Affair that is a Mama and her Secret Baby AND you can enjoy a list of names that this kiddo WON'T have to suffer through. Would love your opinion on names. We'll ignore them, of course, but it's funny and fun to see what people suggest.

Dear Baby TOP,

Today is August 14. You're still the size of a poppy seed. MAYBE a sesame seed. But, you are so "here".

I seem to remember with Tommy & Elliott that for the first couple of months of pregnancy I could "forget" for a few hours at a time that I was pregnant. I felt completely normal from head to toe. You, child, aren't letting me forget! There's a heaviness in my belly that cannot be denied. I don't think it's anything someone would notice just looking at me... but I feel "full". Strange. And so, of course, every single gurgle or squeak my belly makes (and with me, that's a LOT) I attribute to you. I know it can't be all you're doing, but I sure do spend most of my day thinking about you!

It's kind of like I'm having an affair with an embryo. You're a secret from all but 4 people in the world (Daddy needed to talk about the whole situation with an outside party, and since I have Aunt Heather, I sure couldn't argue with that!). All day long I think, "Holy fetus! I have another person growing inside me and almost NO ONE knows about it!" That's a big, fat secret!

I just hope you (and all the other jazz that comes with you!) stay a reasonable size for the next 8 or so weeks so I can keep my secret without looking like the "before" picture in an Ab-Doer commercial.

Dear Baby TOP,

Today is August 18. We are at G.G. and Poppa's house on Cape Cod. No, they don't know about you yet.

Yesterday Dad & I went out to Provincetown for the the whole day. We had wonderful adventure while Tommy & Elliott were spoiled rotten back at the house (and the toy store... and the beach... and goodness knows where else!)

Daddy and I talked briefly about names for you and we didn't come up with anything serious. But, as we tend to do, we came up with a LOT of hilarious ideas. I prefer a running theme and Daddy likes the idea of "Oops". He kept going back to that well. Weirdo. So, here are some of our ideas:

Fartlek (it's a running thing AND hilarious: win-win!)

Don't worry, you won't be saddled with any of these. (Though I still like Pace and Miles....)


  1. josh is still trying to get me to agree to the name
    Mordecai, and he is totally serious...
    I love fartlek, I still can't say that without giggling, you can imagine how hard that is when you are coaching junior high track.....

  2. I'm pretty sure Baby TOP is going to be called "fartlek" for the rest of his/her life. As anyone from Candor knows, one can't be without a solid nickname! :) xo