Friday, August 12, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. I totally lost track of the week and forgot it was Friday. Hence the super late (and hasty) post.

2. I recently started as part of a local community access TV show called Wolfe 101. The idea is to spread the word about "what's so great about Wolfeboro." (While I don't technically live in Wolfeboro, I live one town over and when we say "going to town", we mean Wolfeboro. My role in the show came about because my friends Megan & Amy are the hosts and they thought I would be an amusing contributor. They dubbed me Field Correspondent Phoebe and I got and about in Wolfeboro talking about the cool things to do. It's very casual and very fun. If you want to check it out, this is the place to go! You can also check out "Field Correspondent Phoebe" on Facebook and "like" me. That page is run by Amy (the creator of the show) but you'll see my picture. It's one way you can literally tell me where to go!

3. Tommy continues to be independent at camp. This is GREAT! He will be all done Sunday morning at which time I will bring him home, force him into a LONG, soapy shower, and burn his clothes. Well, we'll see about the clothes. I'm sure he'll be glad to be back in his own bed with his own stuff and have his precious, precious Lego Star Wars Wii back! Oh, and maybe he'll be glad to see me & Elliott. Not holding my breath, though!

4. My "job" as Field Correspondent Phoebe very happily led to a running revelation today! The cross country ski trail in Wolfeboro (which I skied on many times before I had kids) has been surfaced for biking, running and whatnot! It's a gorgeous set of loops with some nice hills. I went out this morning and did 30 minutes with E in the jogger. Tomorrow my plan is to run that and then head down Main Street to the flat Bridge Falls path for a slightly longer run.

5. Scott finishes camp Monday afternoon and we are heading to Cape Cod for a few days on Tuesday. I certainly haven't earned a vacation or time away, but he sure has... so I'll take it without complaint! Sure is nice to have relatives in places that are great to visit!

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