Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I failed in my first attempt at canning. I was trying to make blueberry jam. The directions were clear, except you had to flip back & forth to different charts and I misunderstood... I added the sugar before boiling the fruit. Big mistake. I attempted to finish up but the "jam" is more of a syrup - very (too) sweet and not set.

But, one good thing came out of my time in the kitchen. I came up with a great name for my jam: BAMR Jam. BAMR stands for Bad Ass Mother Runner. So, to keep it G, you just say "bammer" and you don't have to explain to the kids' teacher why your kid is such a potty mouth/headed for juvvie/just plain naughty.

And THEN, last night, I had an even BIGGER revelation: BAMR Jam can mean many things!

1. BAMR Jams: any number of fruit spreads perfect for pre- or post-racing or working out.
2. BAMR Jams: the clustering of a group of running mothers trying to get in a port-o-potty all at once before or after a race.
3. BAMR Jams: The (often cheezey) music mother runners will amuse themselves with while in a workout.
4. BAMR Jams: cute, sassy pajamas that are comfy to sleep in but not offensive (read: tattered) to a running mother's sleeping partner.

I was so giddy in the middle of the night when I thought of these. I only wish now I could remember the others that came to me! May you be a BAMR Jammer today and everyday!


  1. BAMR Jams: What an adventurous mother runner wears when she goes on vacation in Hawaii and tries surfing for the first time. (After that failed experiment, she decides to stick to running on the beach.)

    BAMR Jams: When several musically inclined mother runners get together with a guitar, bass, Fisher-Price drum set, and their preschoolers' maracas and knock out a few Phish songs, then some Ziggy Marley ones for good measure.

  2. Just found your website through Run Like A Mother. Yeah! And I had to laugh at this post because I totally know what you mean about reading the charts. I've been doing jams for years and you'd think they'd make reading the charts easier! And my jam, that turns into jelly, goes awesome on hearty, wheaty pancakes. Thanks for the new name for such jams!