Thursday, June 2, 2011

nuun River

If you are nuun to my blog, I give you a hearty welcome. Please nuun there is nuun-thing I won't do to keep you over the nuun about reading this! If you've nuun me for a long time, I'm sure you're excited that more people will be reading my nuunsense.
Okay. Too subtle, right?

On Wednesday I sent my application in to the nuun company in hopes of being one of the 12 Lady Bloggers they choose for their Hood to Coast team. I am certain my odds of getting in are slightly less than a snowball's chance in Juarez, but I have had a great time reaching out to people asking (begging, maybe?) for followers. Even if the nuun company takes one look at the video and requests a restraining order (or maybe re-strange-ing order), this has been a fun week of using my noodle (and that of my parents, husband and friends!) and asking for what I want.

So... HERE'S the link. And, by the way, we (meaning I) voted and decided the poor video quality adds to the charm. (Other than that I welcome your feedback!)

P.S. Last day of school for kiddos today! Two, maybe three, days of daycare next week. Whoa! There'll be a lot more on that stuff soon.

1 comment:

  1. I loved the video! I haven't seen any others so maybe I'm not the best critic. I like the part with your boys with Nuun tubes in their hands. The cut in was funny.

    Good luck to you in the competition!