Monday, May 30, 2011

Johnny Kelly 1/2 Marathon (sexy!) Pics

There are lots of things you think about during a race. How you're feeling. If you can go faster. If you should go slower. How many miles you've gone. How many you have left to go.

And, there are a few things you don't think about at all. Like, ooohhhh, for instance, how you look. Now, I looked in the mirror before the race and I have to say I looked alright. My pink running skirt and my pink compression knee socks were kinda sassy. My hair was pulled back, I had on a white hat and my running shirt was from the another mother runner collection. It said "Are My Kids Still Chasing Me." Very cute. Lots of great compliments on it.

This race was super humid. You may recall from my last post that after a few miles I started dumping water over my head at each stop. It was the right move. I stand by that statement. However, there's a physiological (or maybe biological?) reaction that ones lady parts have to such, ummmmm, stimulation.

Avert the kids' eyes and see what I mean. Meanwhile, I'll just go in the corner and die a small death of shame.

The Starting Line. I'm in there somewhere. Waaayyyy back!

Waiting for Mom....

Arty shot from EV (Elliott's View). The real photogs always include their finger on the lens.

She IS coming, isn't she??

We'll smile, but seriously, we're starting to doubt she's on her way.

Hey! I know her!! A G-Rated shot, appropriate for all audiences.

Oh, jeeze... is that? Oh, Lord. I think it is....

Seriously. NONE of these people could tell me that I had the WORST kind of THO? They must have been so embarrassed!... But think about ME! (If you don't know what THO is, email me and I'll fill it in for you).

"What's my favorite country? Why, Nip-pal, of course!" I'm holding my bottle of nuun like an ignorant weeny! Gah!

Okay, this might be the only post-race pic that you can show the Grandkids. Sorry, guys. I hope you're not scarred for life! (Dig Elliott's shirt? It says "running. it's a family thing.")


  1. i love nuun tablets. i got started on them because the big bad "G" word uses plastic bottles and the nuun product was a better choice for the earth. i got hooked on them and they got me through my half in november. cute skirt. ~bobbi b

  2. Hey, Phoebe! It's "Miss McConnell" - aka, Cathy. I've checked in on your blog every now and then since I backed off of Facebook and I totally love it. I saw that you're looking for followers, so I've joined the ranks! I'll see if I can get some of my other mommy-running friends to do so, as well. I ran my post-baby-PR - FINALLY - at a half-marathon the day before Mother's Day. Pathetic time, but I was just so, so pleased because it was still better than I'd hoped for that day (10:45 pace). The stars finally aligned for me and it wasn't 40 and icy or 90 and humid... I hope you make it to Oregon - sounds great!