Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kindergarten, Baby!

Elliott is registering for Kindergarten today. Praise be to freedom!

But... then what? Ugh. Still no forward progress on getting paid well just for being awesome. I think I could find a fulfilling job (or dare I utter the word - career!) if arranging child care were not such a hassle in this neck of the woods.

Some completely idiotic State Representative said last week that he didn't understand why people couldn't do what he and his wife did when they raised their kids 40 years ago: have the moms coordinate care for each others kids. As if these moms just wanted an hour or two a week to go to Book Club or get their hair done or something. I can't imagine what planet he's living on where he thinks that families can survive on a single paycheck. Idiot. (Whooooo.... didn't plan on that rant!)

Back to the subject at hand, Elliott is at least not expressing a lack of interest in Kindergarten. He seems excited, actually, which is better than a couple of weeks ago when he told me "Ummm, Mommy I think I don't need to sign up for Kindergarten. I'll just stay home with you!" No no no no no, little boy. It is TIME!

In other school news, Tommy's 3rd quarter report card came home on Monday. He's doing just fine academically. His teacher says he really loves to write (yea!) although interpreting his handwriting requires quite a commitment (no surprise). He had a couple of "needs improvements" in 'using time wisely' and 'taking responsibility for actions' which, ahem, is putting it mildly!

We have an IEP meeting on him next week. Up until yesterday I was sure we would be leaving the meeting very close to an ADHD diagnosis, with just a visit to the pediatrician to seal the deal. However, some paper work came home yesterday which seems to indicate that the attention surveys his teacher and we filled out don't suggest that's on the table. WOW! If this kid's not ADHD then I just have no idea what an ADHD kid would look like. There are some fairly.... interesting... personalities in his class (remember, there are 16 of them in the ENTIRE first grade!) so we'll also be asking for some honest feedback on what measures we might want to take.... like, if he has a future at that school. But, obviously, we are getting ahead of ourselves. As usual.

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