Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Exhausting & great

I know it hasn't been *that* long since I've posted. But, I haven't even been reading other blogs lately, which I usually love to do. I have been completely preoccupied. And actually, I kind of HAVE been blogging because I'm keeping people posted on my friends Caring Bridge site. It's been a great way for me to feel helpful during this time of (mostly) helplessness. She's home from the hospital. I went to see her last night. She was exhausted but great...

We had the trip to Candor. I can't quite get my mind around the experience yet. Amazing theater kids. Really supportive Candor-ites, especially my parents. A great and easy going bus driver. Many adventures and memories created. Maybe another blog entry will form out of it but for now I need to do more chewing. It was, above all, exhausting and great.

"My" Boston marathon was yesterday. Which (I'm guessing) was exhausting and (I'm certain) was great. The elites had incredible times. Americans were VERY present and strong. Three cheers all the way around.

I went to bed at 11PM last night, having returned pretty late from getting K settled from the hospital, and got up at 4:30AM for a track workout. I forgot my iPod but am so glad I went. After a weekend of just 1 (straight up hill) 2.5 miler, it was exhausting but great.

Today is TOMMY'S SEVENTH BIRTHDAY! He wants Annie's Mac & Cheese and chicken nuggets for dinner. I can handle that. My sister got him an amazing Star Wars kite so hopefully the rain will hold off and we'll get to take that out for an inaugural flight. He's sure to be wound way up so our night will be, certainly, (drum roll) exhausting and great.

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