Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Marathon amusement #2

Another moment of hilarity... to me, anyway... came late in the race. A good deal of this race went through very neighborhoody-type-neighborhoods. I don't think I spotted any cul de sacs but think along those lines. What was really cool about this is that a lot of people were out in their front yards in lawn chairs, kids playing in the yard, cheering us on. Very sweet. I am pretty polite so I almost always say "thank you" and smile at anyone who bothers to give me a shout. I also say "Yay, me!" to any crowds who stand silent as I go by. That humbles them into cheering... begrudgingly. (So classy, I am!)

One house even put out a sign "Emergency Bathroom Available". THAT was amazing of them because this course had ONE (yes ONE, UNO, SINGULAR) port-o-potty on the course at mile 14. (I ran by it even though I had to go because someone was inside. He came out when I was about 15 yards beyond it.... I turned around and went it. Good decision!)

So, at about mile 21 or so there was a guy sitting outside his house in a lawn chair. He was by himself with a big bottle of Gatorade. I was going by and without even realizing I was about to say it, I blurted out to him: "Hey, are you okay? Can I get you anything?"

I don't know. I found it to be freaking brilliant comedy. He took a few seconds to comprehend and then laugh (a little) and said, "Hey, I get it. That's a good one."

Phoebe VanScoy-Giessler: Marathon Runner/Comic Genius

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