Monday, April 5, 2010

Cleaning out, feeling fine.

Do people who are always free of clutter always feel this good about things? Is that the key? I can't get past how delicious it feels to look around my house right now.

We spent almost all day yesterday (yes, Easter; yes, we are losers for having no better plans....) cleaning up and cleaning out. The toy room, a.k.a. The Den of Evil Chaos, has now been parred down to a far more reasonable number of toys. We mopped and cleaned the front porch, put the screens in and that's now a cute little play area, too. Scott also got out all the lawn furniture. I got rid of all toys in the piano room - it's off limits for small people during daycare.

Today, two of my daycare kiddos are home sick so I tackled the books in the toy room. I took down, parred down and organized them. I must have removed 200 pound (no exaggeration) of books. And there's still a LOT of them sitting there, all pretty, in the play room.

All the stuff we are getting rid of is going to be in the yard sale on April 17. I hope-I hope-I hope people show up and take stuff. Honestly, I would be fine if they just TOOK it and didn't pay. Scott will have to be in charge of the day, though, because I have to run the skit at the Wolfeboro Earth Day event. I haven't even started getting the "grown up" stuff sorted for what we want to get rid of.... It's going to be a LOT.

Now, I'll grant you, the bathrooms are not clean, the floors are not vacuumed or mopped, the kitchen is far from spotless.... but I can live with that. The purge was so worth it.

But, MAN I hope people show up to take this stuff!!

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  1. It's the same feeling you get with clean toe nails, new underwear, a brand new never been used pencil, plucked eyebrows...the little joys of life are endless.