Friday, March 5, 2010

Award winning half-a** child care

Daycare boys arrived today without their sacred blankets. I was planning to take them out on a hike nearby to get out of the house. But... the blanket problem is HUGE. They (especially the older one) FREAK OUT. So... I caved and told their mom I was planning on a road trip today anyway, so I could go to their house and get them.

The kid is 5. Is it horrible to get the darn thing if he wants it or is it horrible to feed into his fear of a World With No Blankie? What in the WORLD is he going to do in Kindergarten next year without it?

My thought, I guess, is for me it's win-win. We get a road trip. My house is saved from about on hour of destruction. He doesn't have a day-long melt down. And, hey, he's not my kiddo next year so the Kindergarten issue belongs to some one else.

Changing the world by being completely selfish. That's me, Ladies & Gentlemen. And good luck Kindergarten teacher. Whooo.

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